E-mobility and charging infrastructure consulting

Unlike gas stations, charging stations can be installed easily and simply in public spaces as well as privately. Especially for companies, opportunities open up to charge efficiently and cost-effectively and to achieve an additional benefit for the main business.

A publicly available charging station can be supplemented at any time with energy control or load management systems in order to optimize the company's use of electricity and increase profitability.

Advice on the use of own electricity and load management

Anyone who installs a charging box at their house can conveniently recharge their electric car overnight or during rest periods during the day. By using a home control system and a solar power system, the car can also be charged cheaply and without emissions.

On a larger scale, this is also possible for companies, which can use fleet management to charge their vehicles inexpensively and automatically with their own electricity. Since every company is unique in its requirements, the parameters can be easily varied. (e.g. share of mains electricity)

Consulting for energy and building control

Intelligent control of various electricity consumers with load shifting potential can increase the proportion of own electricity use and energy efficiency in the household to over 90% and reduce the cost of electricity purchases. Consumers that can be effectively automated are primarily heating-cooling and compressed air generation as well as charging stations for electric cars.

The goal is to maximize consumption of self-produced electricity to avoid feeding it into the grid because of the low remuneration.

Consulting of public utilitys

Municipal utilities and other higher-level energy supply facilities play a major role in basic supply.

By using renewable energies and coupling electricity and heat, such concepts can supply building complexes or even entire neighborhoods with energy sustainably and efficiently. The development and implementation of entire neighborhood solutions not only promotes environmental protection, but also harbors new revenue streams for municipal utilities. It also offers the opportunity to involve municipal companies as energy experts.

Consulting and conception in trade and conception

Companies can not only reduce costs with integrated energy and load management systems, but also generate additional revenues. This not only generates competitive advantages, but also promotes the energy transition. 

Photovoltaics, electricity storage

With your own solar system, you not only make a decisive contribution to reducing CO2 emissions, but also benefit financially on a very personal level. Generated solar power can be fed into the public grid in return for a feed-in tariff. However, it is even better to use it yourself as much as possible by means of an intelligent energy control system, thus avoiding expensive grid electricity as far as possible.

Through an installed charging station, the own e-mobile can also be charged with the self-produced solar power. This is particularly cost-effective and environmentally friendly. In addition, the e-car can be used as storage for surplus solar power..

Consulting for process control

Software-supported process control is essential if processes are to become more efficient, transparent and secure. Faults can be detected more quickly, remedied more cheaply and costs reduced more efficiently. Errors from the past can be better understood and avoided through monitoring and documentation.

Consultation on fermentation and biogas

Alongside wind, solar and water energy, biogas is a renewable energy source and is not affected by weather-related fluctuations. Due to its consistent availability and storage capacity, biogas is particularly useful in climatic bottlenecks.

Software-based support of economic and technical work processes can greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a biogas plant. Telecontrol technology as well as stored-program controls enable targeted, automated operation.